The ‘Preschool’ Room, purpose built and stunning

Class Overview

Age Group
2 years 9 months - 6 years
Class Size
20 children
$55 Per Day

Our Preschool Program

Our Preschool program curriculum aligns with Massachusetts preschool learning experiences. We have structured mornings of songs, stories, outdoor activities, are and listening to music and playing musical instruments. Learning successful interaction within a group and teaching of self help skills and responsibility – children are each given turns performing jobs such as door holder, line leader and snack helper. Encouragement of self-expression through choices offered in a creative and constructive environment. Emphasis is also given on proper words and the expression of each child’s personality to gain confidence and acceptance.


Care guided by parents towards home practices

Play Areas

Outdoor time included as weather permits


One-on-one caregiver interaction a priority


Warm, affectionate physical cuddling daily


Strict adherence to sanitary procedures observed


Daily summary of each day provided to parents